Elite5999 Promise

Our team of sales has a great experience to provide you with all the necessary information needed for you to be satisfied with your purchase.
Each purchase at our web shop is unique and each order is handled with care according to your needs.

Elite5999 guarantees the delivery time, we have a great work relationship with shipping companies around the world that will ensure that our FREE Worldwide Shipping products will be delivered rapidly without any issues.
Elite5999 will provide you the tracking number of your order to ensure you get the status of your order at every moment.

SECURE Payment Methods
The safest way to pay are available on our web-store. We have a strong cooperation with well-known payment companies that will securely make the payments without any issues. The worry-less shopping experience at Elite5999 
is the best you can every get.

Guaranteed Shipping

After receiving your order our shipping department will pack your order in the safest way possible. Then the shipping company will take care of the order to make sure it arrives safely at the destination. Meanwhile, Elite5999 will send you all details of the order including the tracking number to the email provided to us.
This means that as soon as the order is dispatched and on your way you can track your order and check where it is.
We have warehouses of our specialty products all over the world to provide you the best prices available and make your shopping experience the best.

Easy Return & Refund

No worries If you are not satisfied with the order from Elite5999, you can choose to return the items for replacement or refund. For more details, please refer to the return & refund policy. Here, every penny of your money will be spent wisely.

Timely Tracking Information

Elite5999 provides its customers with free tracking info. after the generated ship order number so that you can track your glasses at all times, until it gets to its final destination in safe hands.